National Anthem

Check out what K-5 is learning in ASL!!

5th grade State Song Contest

We will be learning  this song and there will be prizes for all who can sing it all by Thanksgiving break.  Those who can sing it all will....
1.  Have their name announced at morning assembly
2.  Get a yummy donut
3.  Sing it at morning assembly (if you're brave enough)

The song is linked here!

Good Luck!!!

While my guitar gently weeps

Image This is a classic, If you don't know the Beatles you need to look them up.  


Image We will be doing this version, slower and amazing!


Happy Wednesday!  Here's a song we will be doing as a band.  We'll need ukuleles, percussion and piano.  Super excited.  The chords we'll use for Ukulele are here.  The lyrics and song are here.  Tutorial is HERE

Calling all Ukuleles!!!

Here is a link to the version of True colors I'd like to learn.  It's a down, down, up, down strumming pattern.  It's super easy and should be a sinch for us to pull together.
True Colors
Here is a link to an audio version